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YouTube attracts more viewers than any broadcast or cable TV network. Google reports that YouTube video ads can increase millennial audiences by 42%, engagement rates by 10x, and previous video views by 500%.

YouTube optimization
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Here’s how to get the best performance from YouTube video marketing:

Choose thumbnail images wisely. This is the first thing users see before clicking on a video. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is attractive.
Keep the video relatively short. As with Facebook videos, short videos perform much better on YouTube.
Try the title and CTA. Even small changes can improve your video ratings.
Prevents advertising fatigue. Don’t show the same video ads often. To continue your engagement, have at least two or three versions of your video ad and measure which version is most effective.
Measuring the performance of video marketing campaigns
Analyzing the success of video marketing campaigns can help you understand what works and what doesn’t. Perhaps you need to be more creative or strategic in your video. You may need to shorten the length of your video to optimize it for each channel you post your video on.

Some things you can the success of video marketing:

Engagement rate : How much time did users spend watching your video? Did they watch the entire video, bounce early, or skip it? The engagement rate should indicate the quality of the video, the message, and whether the video is too long or too short.

Views : The number of views is the number of times the video has been viewed. For example, YouTube counts views from 30 seconds or more, and Indonesia Phone Number Facebook only takes 3 seconds. Knowing how to use analytics for each social network will help you plan future video marketing campaigns.

Playback rate : The number of users who played the video. This is an indicator that is affected by thumbnails, headings and CTA copies, and even video size.

Social sharing : A measure of how many times a video has been shared by a user. If your video has a lot of share, it’s an indication that your content is resonating with people.

Comments / Feedback : If others have commented on your video, we will check if it is positive or negative, and if you need to reply, we will reply positively. Someone who takes the time to look and comment may be your customer.

Video distribution

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When you prepare your video marketing strategy, it’s time to distribute your video. If your target market doesn’t exist, you’ll have a hard time reaching your audience.

Below are some of the best places to deliver video.

Your website
Customers primarily carry out the purchasing process themselves. This is why it is important to provide them with all the necessary information on your website.

Embedding videos on your website can improve your SEO and increase the amount of time your users spend on their pages. You can also embed your video on your home page, about section, product / service page, and your article.

Mario Pechev Why followers don’t necessarily mean business opportunities
Image Source: Mario Pechev

Landing page
Without a landing page, it’s impossible to run a marketing campaign. Including the video will improve the landing page. According to Unbounce, videos can improve landing page conversion rates by up to 80%.


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