YouTube Links Began Peru Phone Number

Soon, traffic skyrocketed as  to be shared on users’ MySpace pages. This fact, and many others, were what gave YouTube the impetus to continue growing.

In October of the same year, YouTube went through a new challenge in which  brands were involved , because Nike decided to publish there an advertising spot starring Ronaldinho. From this moment on, large companies began to be attracted to this platform.

By May 2006, YouTube was already reaching 2 billion views per day,

and in mid-August, it started to hit 7 billion.

It had become the tenth most visited site in the United States,

even despite the legal problems it was already facing due to intellectual property, since its early appearance.

Because of this problem and others, it was thought that only a fool would think of buying YouTube. I would say that rather, a fool without vision or strategy is the one who would not dare to buy it. In October 2006, it was acquired, for none other than  Google Inc.

YouTube, the communication platform

Television has been, for the end of the last Peru Phone Number century and much

of this, the preferred medium for information and communication. His potential was due to the great distances that he managed to cover and the faith that

people place in him on the veracity of what was imparted.

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However, television today is a priceless medium, only large companies manage to supply the costs requested by communication through this medium.

Fortunately, the Internet brought the possibility of communication

to levels perhaps higher than television, with costs that are reduced by half, a third, a fifth, sometimes to zero sums of money.

What did he accomplish with this?

Let people take the voice of information. Now it is the user who has the power.

Nowadays, with increasingly accessible technology, people

have the ability to overwhelm the entire world with what they

have to say, regardless of the format, because nothing is a limit anymore.

Therefore, YouTube from the beginning was conceived as a

space that would allow people precisely to be creators of their own

content. And so much was its boom and its attraction, that the brands were soon willing to be part of it.

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