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Julien recently proposed a post on the timelines , that is to say the chronological friezes . Supporting examples, he explained how these tools can be used to create an original CV . Indeed, many services offer to create your own friezes simply in a few clicks. I had the idea to present you a list of these services to give you the choice of weapons. The release of the Allofme service gives me the opportunity to Bhutan B2B List the subject before devoting a more substantial post to it. Allofme reminds me of Dipity, an excellent site that had been talked about by offering adaptations of its service (frieze of the most striking buzzes , videos on a theme in chronological order ).

That Is to Say the Chronological

Allofme offers several really interesting features. Inserting multiple types of media allofme video You can easily place photos and text on your timeline. The use of hypertext links and the explanation bubble present on each element of the frieze will allow you to easily redirect to Bhutan B2B List . Your timeline will therefore not be composed only of text, but of all the elements at your disposal. This is what makes your CV come alive. Zoom zoom The zoom is obviously an essential element of your frieze. Allofme also allows you to present items year by year or week by week. Convenient for refining a detailed CV, or even for keeping a “diary”.

The Use of Hypertext Links

Bhutan B2B List
Bhutan B2B List

The exportable player The site offers an exportable player that you can place on your blog. It will not contain your timeline but will work as a movie of the events that make it up. The images and other elements will follow one another in chronological order, as in this example which takes up the history of the topics covered by the Mashable blog . You can view it here (obviously the widget seems to have a Bhutan B2B List as of this writing, so I can’t place it Automation I intentionally saved the best for last. Allofme automatically collects data about you from your FlickR, Facebook, Youtube and blog accounts. Something to make your life easier! Here is a little teaser video to finish.

It doesn’t teach you much, but sums up the spirit of the service well. Definitely, the management of your digital identity will evolve in the coming years with this type of service. And the Bhutan B2B List of your experiences, knowledge and different activities too. Like Julien, I think that a chronological frieze of this type can be a good way to offer an original, dynamic and more complete CV than the classic CV. So give it a try! I will soon offer you a selection of several sites offering you different ways to establish your timeline. The service is still in beta phase at the moment. If you are interested, leave your email on the site now to get an invitation!

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