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If you need water and decide that drilling a hole in the hoover dam is a good idea. You’ll be reward Slovenia Mobile Number with a long, thin stream. But if you want a lot of water. Why would you stop with just one hole. I use this analogy whenever i talk to e-commerce businesses to get traffic through seo. If you’re not ranking on google for all of Slovenia Mobile Number your profitable keywords. You’re going to  stuck with a trickle of traffic that’s only a fraction of your full potential. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could redirect some of that unrealized. Traffic to your website. Today i’m going to talk about one way to achieve this. By creating a logical and intuitive site architecture.

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As well as, Get off to a good start with site architecture the few successful. E-commerce businesses invest time and expertise in planning their website structure correctly from the start. Of course, By laying the groundwork for your information architecture based on expert. Analysis base Slovenia Mobile Number on your historical sales, revenue, and conversion data. You’ll ensure that your seo automatically grows stronger over time and stays current. Immune to Slovenia Mobile Number tectonic changes from any future algorithm updates. Become obsessed with serving customers well the most profitable e-commerce online.

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Slovenia Mobile Number
Slovenia Mobile Number

Moreover, Stores don’t have sites that mirror their marketing brochures or organizational structures. Hoping Slovenia Mobile Number google will figure out that you’re also selling these other things won’t work. Your information architecture should be designed to make this crystal clear. And each category and subcategory should expand and grow as you Slovenia Mobile Number add new products to it. How you name these categories is also important. Especially when the tags you assign in your database are automatically built into your url structure. I detailed technical solutions to help you. In my previous article on e-commerce seo best practices.



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