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Over the past few years, page speed has become very important. In terms of your site’s traffic and rankings. People List of Mobile Phone Numbers want fast sites — and because users want fast sites. Google wants them too. Fast sites do better than slow sites in google’s search engine rankings. All things being equal. Now, there are areas related to page speed List of Mobile Phone Numbers where you need technical developers. Who can modify the stack loading and optimize your server performance. However, not all page load issues are complicated or require a lot of technical knowledge. In this case, the problem we are talking about is the weight of the image. Images are often a major problem for sites with slow page loads.

Go Wrong List of Mobile Phone Numbers

Luckily, optimizing images is a very easy win. Images and page loading whenever we audit sites for slow List of Mobile Phone Numbers page loading, images are almost always a major part of the problem. Website builders seem to have forgotten that we need to resize and compress images before uploading them and not just leave them to the site’s cms or server List of Mobile Phone Numbers compression software. Today we often see pages with megabytes of images on the page. It ‘s megabytes . A page should never exceed 1 megabyte. Let alone several megabytes, but this is a common finding. In fact, many sites even top 10mb per page .

The Cms List of Mobile Phone Numbers

List of Mobile Phone Numbers
List of Mobile Phone Numbers

No web page should ever be this big – and when it is. There’s almost always an image optimization List of Mobile Phone Numbers problem. Just knowing how to size compress save an image correctly. And implementing a process to ensure that this happens can solve a large percentage of page weight issues. So when did we go wrong? When i started in List of Mobile Phone Numbers web development nearly 20 years ago. Sites couldn’t have a heavy load and still expect to garner traffic. Pages were fully loaded in less than 100-250kb – html, images, scripts and all.

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