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Scheme of the criminal process where there are ways out and where everyone fulfills their responsibility . That is my personal opinion”, said Claudia Sheinbaum, as if insinuating that yes, it is good that YosStop is investigated and prosecuted… but that the corresponding authorities do not forget to go after the perpetrators of the abuse. The issue in the pipeline today is YosStop, but if no solution is found, we could be facing a new paradigm for advertising based on influencers in Mexico, an initiative of which we have already seen the first steps with the hash tag that is promoted called #LeyInfluencer .

Now read: From the Green Party to YosStop: How to avoid legal problems if you are an influencer? Mexican influencer dies from undergoing beauty treatment and this brand is in the crosshairs Is the twilight of many influencers coming? Last April. Raúl Castro made his retirement as first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba effective . It was the last public position he held. after ceding the presidency of the country in 2018. In both positions he had previously succeeded Fidel . his older brother . The respective resignations. justified by age. mean the disappearance of the surname Castro from the Cuban political front line. Gone are the failed assault on the Moncada barracks in 1953 (including the famous allegation ” history will absolve me ” and the subsequent Mexican exile).

The Guerrilla Struggle From 1956

The seizure of power in 1959. the adoption of Armenia cell phone numbers Marxism in 1961. its role as a pawn in the Cold War . its myths and its crises. Allegation of self-defense by Fidel Castro before the trial against him initiated on October 16. 1953 for the assaults on the Moncada barracks The weight of Castroism The footprint of six decades of Castroism is absolute and has conditioned – conditions – today’s Cuban society. socialized. grown and developed within the official coordinates. In fact. any personal story necessarily goes through this experience and the individual position with respect to the contemporary events experienced on the Caribbean island.

Armenia cell phone numbers

Even the most protest new generations construct their messages from these referents. as in the case of the success song “ Patria o vida ” by Yotuel Romero . which. in order to demand freedom. is version – out of desperation by the authorities – the classic Castro slogan of ” Patria o muerte “. Image of the song ‘Patria o vida’ Fidel Castro proclaims ‘Patria o muerte’ on March 5. 1960 Also abroad. whether this march responds to political exile or economic emigration. Without insisting too much on the first questions about her country. a Cuban friend gives me anecdotes about her grandmother. who has just turned 103. founder of the CCP and friend of Camilo Cienfuegos .

And She Hands Me

Documentation diverse where revolutionary slogans are mix with diplomas accredit the fight spirit. Present and future The current situation of the Caribbean country is inseparable from the Castro heritage . This legacy is embodied in an uncompetitive economy with large pockets of poverty. And dependent on the black market. tourism and remittances. In a powerful state and military sector . oversized and partly reluctant to change; and in universal educational and health services . but precarious by the two previous circumstances. This causes tensions and contradictions. such as the coexistence of good data in the face of the pandemic. And the development of vaccines in the testing phase with the lack of supplies. food and basic medicines..

Or the speeches of the old glories still witness the years under. Soviet protection and the fight against the US embargo with the disillusionment of young people who. through internet access. Know that there are worlds beyond of the revolutionary intrigue. In the words of the comedian and poet Alexis Valdés . The new generations “have nothing to lose” . Author: Falco Negenman (Unsplash) Obviously. nostalgia for the island is also combine. Among the most politicized and / or harmed sectors. With a clear rejection of the Castros and the continuity of Castroism. This combat exile has tended to be concentrat in the United States and. significantly.

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