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Of people in a matter of seconds. However. this digital channel can offer your company many more advantages. If you are hesitating between doing an email marketing campaign or not. keep reading. Advantages of email marketing campaigns Make custom messages . We will be able to know the behavior of each user. In this way. we can create more personalized messages. that is. Send them content based on their interests. In addition. there is the possibility of reaching different audiences. different sectors. Therefore. it is a unique. direct and personal tool. Statistics in real time. You will be able to analyze the opening of the emails.

the traffic to your website. the number of subscribers or unsubscribes… These data will give you the possibility of making a more effective marketing campaign. Low cost. It is a relatively cheap strategy –compared to other campaigns-. Insured delivery . With the email marketing campaign you will know who receives your messages. The percentage of delivery can reach 100%. Reinforce other actions. You can use this recruitment campaign to complement other marketing actions. You will be able to retain your customers. The ultimate goal is for your customers to subscribe to your website. In this way. you will get them to speak well of your business and even share news on their social networks.

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Products or services. It is an excellent way to promote your products or services as well as discounts. news… Email marketing campaign Types of Email Marketing If you have decided to carry out an email marketing campaign after knowing its advantages. The next step will be to choose the type of campaign. Newsletter : it is a campaign that aims to maintain contact with the recipients so that they remember your company. brand or business. It is usually sent every day or one per week. These marketing campaigns are focused on brand recognition. Summary or diggest : consists of sending a summary of the most important information. that is. of the most read.

Shared and commented on content. Specific : these are personal email campaigns since a single proposal is sent individually. It is widely used in e-commerce to notify changes to your customers. They can also be used to send customers news or news that may interest them related to your business. Sponsored : they are used to carry out a broader marketing campaign where not only your customers are taken into account but also other people. Therefore. it is about doing sponsored emails. Transactional : user data is obtained through an action. Some examples are when you sign up for online courses. Contests or subscribe to magazines. among others. e-marketing campaign If you want to do an email marketing campaign to boost your business.

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Who will advise you to carry out a successful marketing campaign. Request a budget without commitment. For more information about our services related to online marketing. click here . Pedro Navarro and Aluso have been relying on our services for more than three years. We work daily to improve the positioning of your website. Your social networks and your blog. The services developed in this company are: SEO. SEM. Social Networks and blog . To carry out these services. We previously carry out an analysis of the sector and a study of keywords. It is the only way to create a successful organic positioning and SEM strategy. Getting to know Pedro Navarro and Aluso With more than 15 years of experience.

Pedro Navarro and Aluso are a company located in Madrid specialized in the manufacture. Installation and distribution of mobile or fixed ceilings. Glass curtains and enclosures in both aluminum and PVC. They also carry out installations of pergolas and reforms at a general level with the aim of conditioning the homes to the needs of their owners. Likewise. they carry out projects for communities. For professionals – decorators. architects. builders – and for the hotel industry. Their company is located in Madrid. although they offer their services throughout Spain . Therefore. They carry out installations at a national level. They only work with the best brands on the market. It is the only way to guarantee the quality and resistance of the materials.

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