Write His Name in Hieroglyphs and in Russian

here isthethe useless services of the day . There are even three for the price of one! They have one thing in common: they allow you to write your name (or any other word) in other alphabets. In hieroglyphs, in Russian and in books (!) to be more precise. Write your name in hieroglyphs Do you dream of being Egyptian at the time of the pyramids? This service is made for you! The rendering is as kitsch as a UK B2B List as a souvenir on the spot, but after all that’s what we ask of it. Click on the letters of the chosen word in order, the symbols appear above. Here is what it gives for Moderator: hieroglyphs Discovering Egypt website Write your name in Russian A little closer to us, this service offers you to transform your texts into the Russian alphabet. Or almost… Indeed, it is a pseudo-Russian generator (or pseudo-Cyrillic, depending), like the Borat movie poster. From false Russian to Horus, there is only one step.

The Letters of the Chosen

The letters are slightly deformed To Give an Exotic Scent while remaining legible in our language. I’m still looking for a practical application, if you find it let me know! Russian moderator The world of stuff website Write his name in books Yes, it’s possible… And it’s nicely done too. UK B2B List of your choice, the site will find books containing this word for sale on Amazon and will generate an animation composed of these. You can of course click to buy them. A sort of original search engine… The rendering is really good, but don’t wait for the end, the animation is permanent! You have the choice between Canadian, English, US and Japanese Amazon. You can also choose the type of product displayed (books but also CDs or videos).

To Give an Exotic Scent

 UK B2B List
UK B2B List


A search bar, last viewed videos and a tag cloud of the most popular queries are on the homepage. The results are presented in the same way as the video platforms . They indicate the site of origin and repeat the description. No need to leave the site to view. owaks tag bulb Tag bulb is a UK B2B List engine for photos and videos . The navigation bar, placed at the top, will allow you to move from one list of results to another, or even to switch from one medium to another. Rather well thought out, even if the licenses are not specified for the photos. So be careful to check this important point before using them.

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