Working From Home: Your Contributions and Testimonials

The debate has been launched on the platform’s blogs for a few days now. Some of you have already given your opinion on our question of the moment: what are the advantages and disadvantages of working from home ? The tips and tricks? The good plans and the galleys? Some give testimonies of situations experienced , others their opinion on the subject. In any case, the debate is Slovenia B2B List and interesting. Thank you to those who have already posted a post on the subject. If this is not your case yet, do not hesitate to get started! As usual, if you have covered the subject but you do not appear in this list, do not hesitate to leave me a comment to let me know. telework Nathalie – In January, let’s discuss teleworking, but also her excellent series on the subject Sylve –

The Advantages and Disadvantages

The meaning of work and the work of meaning Véronique – Telework, today’s tool Slovenia B2B List from home: the Why/Why not Morgane – Teleworking: a gesture for the planet?  scams and mistakes to avoid and those of Priscilla: Telework: sustainable savings and Telework: the job of the future? . Finally, independently of this debate, note an excellent post from Presse-Citron on her personal experience and several articles by Gaëlle on her blog As an aside: Teleworking: where to find job offers? and Telecommuting: advantages and disadvantages.

The Work of Meaning Veronique

Slovenia B2B List
Slovenia B2B List

Know of other resources? Feel free to share it in the comments! Good discussion to all .Unfortunately there are no customization options, you will have to settle for the original design… Slovenia B2B List, your readers will have to fill in their first name before playes. A “sweet” or a “damn” will welcome good and bad pickaxes. You will get access to statistics by email: who played, with what result… Simple and quick to use, this widget will allow you to bring some life to your blog. Why deprive yourself? As a bonus, here is a quiz on the job blogs on our platform . Good luck !

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