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It is to know how to be. Is your website not responsive ? Don’t you update the content with certain frequency? Do you know a certain SEO? If not. we are very sorry to tell you that it will be of little use to you. A web page that does not appear in the first search results… it is almost as if it did not exist. If your position. for the searches in which you want to position yourself. is beyond the first page of Google results… you should start thinking about knowing a little about SEO and working on the content. And if the design of the page is not responsive … consider hiring a new one. How many companies create their website with WordPress in Galicia? We do not know the number of companies that create their website with WordPress in Galicia.

But we do know that 60% of web pages that use a content manager are created with WordPress. This data represents 24% of all pages created in the world. What is a CMS (Content Management System)? It is a content management system. focused on the creation of any type of website. With WordPress you will easily manage your company page Top reasons to use WordPress as a CMS WordPress is easy to manage . It is very easy to use for any user. even for those who have not had any contact with content management. To handle it. it is not necessary to have programming or computer skills. Possibility of adding any type of content . It offers us the option of uploading images. videos. text. applying different styles. page formats… the possibilities are really high and it is very easy to implement them.

It Has Thousands Of Plugins

There are many plugins that are already Iceland phone number  n WordPress and with them you can add functionality to the web. WordPress is responsive . Its design adjusts to the screen on which it is displayed (computer. tablets. mobiles…). It adapts its design and the functionality of the page. This also facilitates its management. since we can access the administrator from any mobile device with an internet connection. SEO. He is a colleague from Google. WordPress has a very friendly programming for search engines (Google. Yahoo…). In addition. we can even use plugins that help improve web positioning. Some of them make it easy to create SEO-oriented content.

Iceland phone number

Multiple users with different access levels can be created. In a similar way to facebook pages. Easy integration with multiple platforms. This tool integrates with the most popular platforms. Mailchimp. for example. is one of them. It’s safe . WordPress takes the security of its users very seriously and constantly updates its software to prevent attacks. It even has an automatic update feature from version 3.7. However. you must also update the theme and any plugins you use. It is open source . It is possible to modify the source code according to what we need.

And Because It Is Open

It has also become a development community that is constantly updated. Maintained by a huge group of volunteers. most of them self-taught experts. with an active interest in growing the platform. At Pekecha we develop web pages in WordPress and we also teach courses on this CMS If you want to ask us anything. without obligation. write to us and we will answer you delighted. In the case of the San Froilán 2016 poster. it was said that one of the arguments that supported the decision was the integration of the characteristic elements and values of these celebrations – although. apparently. it seems that not many agree with that opinion -.

Use modern. transgressive. innovative images … this point if we are going to value it. The San Froilán cartel clearly does not have that fresh air. It is a collage of typical images – unrelated to the festivity – with a colored background. Clear. impressive and concise message . In this case. what is the message? The truth is that we are not very clear about it. Maintain consistency with what the brand represents . And here we have the famous San Froilán 2016 poster. San Froilán 2016 poster What do you think? And to finish. we pose another question that we have already asked ourselves before. Will the election of the San Froilán 2016 poster be a viral campaign attempt?

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