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The TV is on, but you have your eyes directed to the video posted on Facebook. In line at the market, you chuckle while watching the videos received by WhatsApp. And before going to sleep, you look at your mobile and watch a movie trailer on YouTube.

Surely something like this has happened to you, right? These scenes are common, because  mobile videos  are part of our lives!

The mobile accompanies us all the time!

It is there so that, in a free moment, you can watch a video on the internet. It can be a home recording of your friends, a clip of your idol, an episode of your favorite show, a lecture from your study area.

You can see everything on the web.

And if the mobile is nearby all the time, the trend is that Ivory Coast Phone Number online videos are viewed more frequently on the smartphone screen.

And what does that mean for your brand? If you want to adjust the behavior of the current consumer and win his attention, you should also participate in this trend!

In this post we will explain the importance of investing in mobile video within your  digital marketing strategy . Let’s go?

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5 reasons to invest in mobile video

There are two strategies that deserve your attention:  video marketing  and  mobile marketing . Imagine, then, joining the two: the reasons to invest in them are multiplied.

This is the thing with mobile video. We have gathered below the main reasons to invest in this:

1. Adapt to new consumer habits

Before, video content was restricted to television. Today, the internet offers endless options. Plus, you don’t have to be on the couch at home to see them! Anywhere and at any time, you just have to play on your mobile.

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