Widgets for Netvibes, Igoogle and Your Blogs

The most regular readers of the Cafés may have already noticed this. Icons have appeared under each element: iGoogle , Netvibes and Your blog . These new widgets will give you access to different resources from your blog or your personalized online homepage: job offers, weather forecast for offers, Fil Info, the latest updated blogs from the platform… Take advantage of them! Here is a Honduras B2B List of these novelties. Widgets Jobs : You can configure this widget on this page. You can adjust its height, the number of offers to display, the different elements that will be present there (offers but also news, agenda and research), your function and your region. Here is an example concerning offers in Marketing/Communication/Graphics in the West. Job offers with RegionsJob Tender Weather This tool allows you to display the recruitment trend in your sector and your region.

These New Widgets Will Give You Access

You will be able to follow the evolution of the number of offers Honduras B2B List and  those that correspond to you. Just click on your city to get the latest listings! Go to this page to set it up and get the code.

with this tool. RSS feeds for my blog, for the editorial staff and for the entire platform are available. You can opt for a specific region or for all sites. The height of the widget and the number of tickets displayed are also configurable. You can get it here. Job offers with Regions Job Geolocation This widget gives you access to your offers in another way. The latter will thus be visible from their location and presented on a map.

The Evolution of the Number

Honduras B2B List
Honduras B2B List

The height of the tool, the city concerned and the display perimeter can be configured. It is available here. Here is an example with the offers within 20 kilometers of Aix-en-Honduras B2B List. geoloc How can I display these elements on my personal space? Blog After setting up your widget, simply copy the generated code into a text widget (on our platform, you must do this from the Presentation Widgets section). Netvibes Click on “ Embed this widget on your Netvibes page ”, you will be automatically redirected to the site. iGoogle Click on ” Integrate this widget into your iGoogle page “, you will be automatically redirected to the site. All of the widgets are also available directly from the Cafés in your region. Make your choice !

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