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And optimized the launch formula for brazil. Influencing thousands of people in hundreds of niches around the world. Recorded an interview with jeff walker: hotmart day our booth at launch formula ended up becoming a meeting point for several content producers and affiliates. In addition to receiving hundreds of people with whom we could share our experiences in digital business. João pedro resende joão pedro (jp). Ceo of hotmart. Took the stage and invited participants to leave their testimonials at our stand on the first day of the fl. João pedro (jp) . Ceo of hotmart .

Took the stage and invited participants to leave their testimonials with us: “how will the launch formula and hotmart transform your 2016?”. Whoever left the best testimonial would be rewarded with a day at our headquarters. Including training with our experts and consulting with jp and mateus bicalho . Founders of the company. We recorded many inspiring videos and ended up deciding to bring two people to belo horizonte. The result of our action you can see here . We already miss the contagious energy of the 2015 launch formula and are happy for the chance to continue together in 2016.

During Three Days

We recorded incredible testimonials about how hotmart and the Honduras cell phone numbers launch formula can transform people’s lives in 2016. There were so many inspiring reports that we are going to bring the authors of two of them for training with our experts and a consultation with joão pedro resende (jp) and mateus bicalho . Founders of hotmart . \o/ those selected will stay in a 5-star hotel in belo horizonte and will also take a helicopter ride and visit inhotim . One of the most important collections of contemporary art in brazil. Gigi and helbert. An email has been sent and we are already looking forward to your arrival!

Honduras cell phone numbers

Digital makers – episode 2: giordano narada 11/30/2015 by hotmart reading time 1 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp “amazing things happen when we go to fight!” this is the thought that drives the story of overcoming that we will present today in the second episode of the digital makers series . In this edition. We will learn about the surprising trajectory of giordano narada. A stubborn entrepreneur who believes that ideas are the “seeds” of reality. Did you like the video? Subscribe to our channel by clicking here ! ;d owner of his own business.

Giordano Dreams

Of a better world and seeks to make his mark through his work. Encouraging people to do what they love. Undertaking exclusively on the internet. The entrepreneur is also the creator of an online course that teaches how to enter the digital marketing market starting from scratch. Just like him. But this story was not always like that. Before achieving success and professional autonomy. Giordano went through several challenging phases that. For many. Could mean the end of the journey in search of their dreams and surrender to a life that nothing matches their personal ambitions.

But he didn’t let himself be put down and. Having as a motivational mantra the chorus of a pop song . He decided to turn around and run after what. Some time later. Would make him one of the biggest references of affiliate marketing in brazil! Listboss and leadlovers – the integration that ensures the best experience in segmenting your leads 11/17/2015 by hotmart reading time 2 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp email marketing illustration at hotmart we have a dedicated team to develop and improve tools that help and expand the sales strategies of digital content producers and affiliates.

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