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Benefits of starting this group were other than financial gain. In retrospect, this was one of the most important force movements I made other than writing a book.

I have for the group only: Establishing a position as a reliable person in the industry Become an authority in the industry


It will connect people with the industry and, frankly, become some other rainmaker in the group. Starting a Facebook group that combines public

speaking and book writing has had a huge impact not only on me at the individual level, but on my industry and, most importantly, my employees. .. As revenue increased, we were fortunate enough to hire new empl


grow our team by promoting

key personnel within the organization to managerial positions. Thomas Keenan Thomas Keenan My name is Thomas

Keenan. I am the CEO and co-owner of a top-class installation, specializing in GPS tracking and dash camera system installation on commercial vehicles. I am Mexico Phone Number also the author of Amazon’s bestsellers. Unleash your business: Stop self-destruction of your business by clarifying your core values ​​now. Access top-class

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installations uote-TomasKeenan Copy the link I started a global branding and marketing

company 18 years ago. Social media and technology are 24/7, so it’s easy to get hooked, but you don’t have to move your life. My advice is to choose some of the things you enjoy and do them really well.


You can’t always be anywhere, so

choose an impactful activity that works for you and demonstrates your strengths. For example, content marketing and thought leadership are great ways to build a brand, increase awareness, increase name recognition, and attract more clients / customers. Activities such as talking at meetings, writing articles, and increasing followers


on social media all help raise awareness of potential customers and build trust with a larger community. Instead of launching your own blog or newsletter, regularly post to existing trafficked blogs in the industry or newsletters from like-minded organizations to reach the same target audience. Put your URL or contact information there so they can find you

and follow up. When articles and talks are available online, send them to all your friends, followers and contacts via social media. Don’t get hooked on social media. You don’t have to be anywhere. No matter which platform you choose, you only have to choose one or two real platforms. It should look and sound like you and the brand yo

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