What the of Significant 2020 For Team Mkor

We have no doubt that 2020 was a “different” year, which has left its mark on us in all respects. Maybe that’s why we needed to let him go Australia WhatsApp Number before he looked back. At what he brought us and what it meant to us, the MKOR team. It brought us a lot of uncertainty. At first, we were anxious and fearful, but we were not overwhelmed by the unknown. I embraced the new reality and took it as a (new) challenge. So we used uncertainty in our favor and reinvented ourselves .

Not Only Did I Research

But let’s talk about what we did last year to become more resilient and able to continue to do what we love. Not only did I research. But I empathized with the challenges of each client The pessimism regarding the financial evolution of the businesses influenced the strategic decisions, which focused on prudence. In such a context, decision-makers in companies have sought more than ever to substantiate their decisions on the basis of data that reflect new market realities . “Experience” was the key word at a time when the need for connection and attention prevailed . So we’ve been happy to be with.

I Looked for Answers to the Questions

Australia WhatsApp Number
Australia WhatsApp Number

Our Automotive and IT customers, and we’ve helped them make sure they offer consumers a difference-making experience . Another challenge I responded to with new clients, this time, was to identify the opportunities that the pandemic created in areas such as: fintech, financial services, fashion, FMCG, tourism, medical and even the public sector. I worked with local companies, but I also crossed borders, helping companies with an international presence to launch locally. clients_review_2020 MKOR’s customer portfolio has grown in 2020 We are proud to have kept it

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