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Holidays are coming! Traditions, older or newer, always bring us joy in the cold season. Snow, carols, peer parties and family meals are unique moments that we look forward to every year. At the same time, the winter holidays mark the end of the year, a good time to Costa Rica WhatsApp Number evaluate projects and outline future plans. Our team has already done this and we are proud that during 2018 we managed to do the following: We have expanded our team with a new research specialist, a doctor of sociology and a junior data analyst.

See You Soon!

We welcome Bianca and Radu. Read about us in the new page dedicated to the team . We have a new site , bilingual. This is a long process, which is still going on. We look forward to your feedback on our new site on the contact page . We have expanded our client portfolio and proudly say that we have gained experience in new areas: automotive, labor market, IT, financial services, fashion, construction, food, FMCG, transportation services, innovation and R&D and strategy. See what we have to offer each client in case studies .

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Costa Rica WhatsApp Number
Costa Rica WhatsApp Number

We have automated processes and thus increased the satisfaction of those who come in contact with us, especially the respondents in the panel. The page dedicated to the panel contains some screenshots with what the respondents have to say about the interaction with us. We have entered into new strategic partnerships, and now we have the capacity to conduct international studies . We launched 6 new studies of our own . In fact, the studies reflect the major themes that have dominated this year: Trends in Digital Marketing – Stay with us to receive the trends of 2019 ! Love Study.

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