What is the Link Popularity of the Top Germany Mobile Number

Besides identifying and analyzing the web structure of top ranking sites targeted for your top queries in your international markets, be sure to also study their link profiles.

In addition to overall popularity at the domain and page level, look at what percentage of links come from local sites – with local ccTLDs and IPs – versus gTLDs. How natural are these links? You can use Open Site Explorer or Majestic or simplify the analysis with tools like CognitiveSEO.


It is important to identify the link popularity gap you would have in case you start with a brand new ccTLD or (in case gTLDs are also ranked for your main queries) using subdirectories in your gTLD existing. This will help you gauge how feasible it is to rank one configuration over another (and how difficult it would be for you to do so).

 What is the influence of having a localized domain versus a generic domain in user behavior?

This question is not always possible to answer, as it Germany Mobile Number requires access to search visibility and traffic data for sites that already rank in the targeted countries and industries. If you are not starting from scratch and/or do not have access to data from sites targeting the same countries,

languages ​​and industries, it is definitely worth analyzing the influence of cultural factors and the preferences of your international audience by regarding choosing ccTLDs over gTLDs. You can even test them by launching pilot projects with only the main pages of the site.


 it is not advisable to simply generalize and expect to draw precise conclusions from

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market to market or company to company with this data alone. Still, it’s worth taking a look if you have first-hand data, to identify potential patterns.

For this step, you can use the “Search Analytics” report in Google Search Console and use the filter to select specific pages and queries for which those pages rank, to identify their click-through rate (CTR) by compared to the difference in position from one country to another. country.

See if there is a correlation between a higher CTR with the exact same position, same page, and same query simply due to using a local ccTLD versus a gTLD.


For example, you can see here how the CTR changes when using a .com gTLD in the US, UK, and Australia. In Australia, despite having a better position than in the United States for the same page and the same query, it does not result in a higher CTR.


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