What Is A Thumbnail For Dominican Republic Phone Number

But why is it important to the success of my channel?

On YouTube, the thumbnail is also known as a “custom thumbnail”.

She is responsible for bringing a preview of what will be discussed in the video . In addition, it is a good way to promote your brand and strengthen the visual identity of the company.

Think about it: when the user sees the thumbnail of your videos, they immediately need to identify them as yours.

This also happens when a consumer


distinguishes a product by the format of the Dominican Republic Phone Number packaging, the logo or the colours.

When Kinder added new products (different from the traditional oval format) to its catalogue, no one doubted that it was the original chocolate. This happens because people remember it: white and orange, it’s Kindergarten.

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I’m sure you’ll also remember some brands when you see the apple symbol on an electronic product. Or a horse in a red car.

The same goes for that green glass

beer packaging and the brown container and the peculiar format of a chocolate product.

All this is called branding , and it is related to the image of your product or service. With videos, that also happens.

And what are the components of a thumbnail?

Or even insert icons that represent the essence of the topic to be treated . You can also opt for monochrome backgrounds, depending on the objective.

If your video is more audio-oriented, for example like in podcasts or songs, those also have their place on the platform.

It also explores the viewer’s curiosity factor. If there’s a climax in the video (such as a surprising secret reveal or comedic moment), use a paused image just a second before it plays.

4. Icons, emojis and memes

The language in the images is another factor that influences the quality of the thumbnail.

Icons are excellent resources because they say a lot, without taking up a lot of space. Emojis , for example, can make content

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