What is the Difference Between Schema Markup

How to check schema markup


if you are curious whether your website already has a schema markup feature or not. You can check this with the help of google’s structured data testing tool .

You can enter the url you want to check, then click run test.


What is the difference between schema markup, microdata and structured data


in addition to the markup scheme, there are Greece Phone Number also some other elements that you need to understand such as microdata and structured data.

Here’s an explanation:


what is structured data?
Structured data is a system that pairs names with values ​​that can help search engines categorize and index your content.

What is microdata?

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Microdata is a structured and functional data format in html5.

What is schema.org?
Schema.org is a collaborative organization whose activities aim to “create, maintain and promote schemas for structured data on the internet, on web pages, in e-mail messages, etc.

The intended collaboration is that schema.org can be realized because of the collaboration with four leading search engines such as google, microsoft, yahoo, and yandex.

It is important to collaborate because it remembers the importance of the markup scheme.

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