What Great Email Design Looks Like for Nonprofits

What does a great email design look like in the nonprofit space? Is it form or function? Style or substance?

A well-designed email can mean the difference between your readers clicking through your email and donating or not even bothering to open it.

Today we’re going to talk about components that make up a great email in 2021, such as having a snappy headline, straightforward copywriting, and simple template design.

Grab your reader’s attention

Any non-profit looking to drive donations needs a watertight email strategy. It’s a great way to show readers the impact of their donations and how you’re putting their money to good use.

The first step you need to take is getting them to notice you.

A well-designed email with great copy jumps out at the reader from the inbox. It’s hard to resist and demands attention. So, how do you achieve this effect? Let’s start at the beginning.

Nail the subject line

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it’s an excellent tactic for writing subject lines. If you can leverage curiosity, you can intrigue your reader into opening your email.    Best database provider | Whatsapp number lists

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A great subject line:

  • Highlights the benefits of opening the email
  • Is concise enough to get the message across without giving too much away
  • Is personalized to the reader

Spend time writing various subject lines until you find the perfect fit. You only get one chance to interest your reader with the subject line, so make it count.

Keep it simple

Too many people make the mistake of designing Pakistan WhatsApp Number List overly complicated emails. While they can look great, it’s not always the best format for email newsletters.

Simple, mobile-friendly templates with one to three columns are effective because you can use them to direct your reader’s eye to the most critical components of your email.

This email by UNICEF is a great example for several reasons:

  • It uses the inverted pyramid design to guide readers through the email
  • It uses powerful images to invoke readers’ emotions

Clear, engaging copy

When you study the structure of an email that converts well, you’ll notice there’s a certain something about it. What makes such emails capture readers’ attention?

It’s simple: Punchy, concise copy.


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Most people don’t read email copy in its entirety—they skim. This can be used to work in your favor. Just design your email to include blocks of text with eye-catching copy.

Once the first sentence hooks them, keep them reading until they get to the most important part—the call-to-action. In the non-profit space, this is typically an ask for a donation.


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