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Western job bloggers have once again been very active in recent weeks. Cindy is in the process of writing her Master 2 dissertation . She calls for contributions: if you are a journalist or communications officer, do not hesitate to contact her. Grégoire, for his part, was pleasantly surprised to Malta B2B List notes quoted on lemonde.fr. Nice for the press review! Clem’s blog sees life in pink under its new colors. Julie has just finished her notice and is looking for a new job. We wish him good luck. Virginie gave her first training in front of a group.

Have Once Again Been Very Active

The experience has been good. Marie focused on the Debate of the month, namely retraining . She discusses the work of Abraham Maslow and the follow-up to it. Julie presents one of her latest creations: a catalog of floral compositions . The crisis affects everyone, even the pencils… It is n Malta B2B List by Touline. Speaking of crisis, Secrassistante gives advice on how to avoid it. In particular, you will find information on the DIF and the CIF . Do you want to be green to the end of the keyboard? Grafite presents Ecofont, the font that respects the environment .

She Discusses the Work

Malta B2B List
Malta B2B List

Let’s stay in this area with an interesting question posed by Agnès: Can we reconcilesustainable development and advertising ? Go read it to get the answer! Denis relays the peak in electricity consumption experienced by Brittany and takes the opportunity to tell us about EcoWatt . Think you know the platform well ? This quiz is for you. Try the 10/10! Funny job, the collaborative fiction of the platform, has a Malta B2B List group . You can join it in just a few clicks. Franck points to the humorous blog of a teacher. Well seen. Need a calendar for 2009 ? If you haven’t made your choice yet, look at Cécile’s. Finally, if expatriation tempts you, Nicolas tells you about the lottery to obtain the famous green card necessary to work in the United States.

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