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Why are we still having this discussion? Because data shows. That a surprising number of businesses Romania Mobile Number still don’t have a website. Surveys from october 2016 found that nearly half of small businesses. Don’t have a website, and it’s not just home-based freelancers. Specifically, a capital one survey of 400 small businesses. Its fall Romania Mobile Number 2016 small business barometer survey. Found that only 56% had a business website. And only 53% of them were optimized for mobile. In other words, less than 30% of companies surveyed had a mobile-optimized website. Moreover, there is a fair argument that websites are no longer as effective in the local market.

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Technology and cost are certainly no longer barriers given. The availability of subscription options for Romania Mobile Number even the most unsophisticated users and nifty diy platforms. For those who don’t want to hire a freelancer or agency. Instead, the challenge Romania Mobile Number is that websites must compete for relevance in a market. With many other media platforms. Social media sites, directories and review sites. Which are often as face proxies. Of the franchise. Today, social media dominates the attention of smes. Revealed a survey conducted by the local search association (my employer).

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Romania Mobile Number
Romania Mobile Number

Nearly 43% of smes surveyed said it would be the medium. Of choice if they could only select one form Romania Mobile Number of online marketing to use. It was the top pick by far, with seo ranking second at 25.6%. This preference explains why social media pages such as facebook pages. Are increasingly being use as the main “landing page” for the public. Other “proxy” homepages include directory listings sophisticated enough to Romania Mobile Number contain virtually all key information customers seek. Third-party sites can integrate multiple functions such as e-commerce, online booking. And reviews and attract a wider and wider audience than an individual website.

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