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Many Romanians who have gone abroad return to the country. During this period to celebrate Easter with their families and friends. Many of them bring with them new friends. Or families formed in the countries of adoption, to spend Romanian and visit the most India WhatsApp Number beautiful places in the country. 98% of Romanians who go abroad recommend their friends to visit Romania. We have over 4 million Romanians abroad, and 98% of them urge. Their new acquaintances from adopted countries to visit Romania.

Romanians Who Go Abroad Recommend

According to a study conducted by MKOR Consulting in Romanian communities in over 60 countries. This means almost 4 million true ambassadors for Romanian tourism scattered in all corners of the world, who tell foreigners with passion about the beautiful places and things that can be seen in Romania. Top-Destinations-Recommended-Foreigners The mountainous areas, Transylvania and Maramureș are the destinations that Romanians tell the most about to their friends from the countries of adoption When asked what destinations they recommend to their foreign friends to visit.

Transylvania and Maramureș

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Then MKOR respondents found it difficult to stop at one place. This is how they came to mention over 70 destinations and objectives, from cities. To resorts, mountain trails and beaches of the Romanian coast, to natural, cultural and historical tourist attractions. “There are so many! I would suggest a tour of the country that covers both cities, such as Cluj, Sibiu, Sighișoara, Brașov, Timișoara, Oradea, but also the mountains (on foot or by means of transport). In addition, I would send them to Maramureș, where the traditions stand out very well.

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