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Therefore, regime ‘has received the Critical Award “Serra d’Or” for research 2018 (Humanities) . thesis published by Eumo Editorial . Recently. the plenary session of Barcelona City Council approved the cancellation of the municipal files of civil servants that were processed under the Francoist law of 1939. It has been possible with the support of Marc Gil’s research. which includes all the cases. of the Francoist purge: 922 people who were dismissed and 696 who were sanctioned or disqualified from holding command positions. This action by Barcelona City Council also informs those affected and provides a public listing. You can consult : The Francoist purge of municipal officials in Barcelona .

However, we celebrate that Marc Gil’s thesis’ Barcelona in the service of the New State. Debugging in the City Council during the first Franco regime ‘ has obtained institutional recognition and repercussion. As Jaume Claret defended : What began as research for the thesis. today becomes public recognition and official rehabilitation. An example of what should be more common: the social use of history. ” – @ClaretVives If you are interest in learn about the Francoist purge process at Barcelona City Council as a formula for transforming the administration with the policy of the new regime.

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To the interview with Professor Marc Gil: Have you Costa rica phone numbers  wondered how many miles your iPod processor uses every day? And that t-shirt you like so much? What is it and where can we find a tax haven? Or. why use maquiles? And the return to society of social agriculture? Answers to such questions and many new ones are present in the subject Economic Geography . with the aim of be able to understand and interpret the relationship between society and productive and service activity. from d ‘a perspective of space. The main variables analyzed are: the use of resources (natural. labor or capital). modes of production. distribution and consumption and. finally.

Costa rica phone numbers

The territorial impacts generated by each activity. openflights-airport-and-airline-data-world-flight-mapThe world we live in changes its territorial scale when it comes to obtaining and consuming products. goods and services. This fact leads us to a strong contradiction between what is meant by a global world and a local world. Technological innovations and transportation improvements are key to making this happen. Reducing travel time between places and reducing the perception of distance. For example. the Airbus A380 can fly from Paris to Adelaide (16.146.86 km in a straight line) in just 20 hours in 2017. At the following link . you can see the actual airflow. On a global scale.

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Capitalist system are present. with neoliberal political and power relations (globalism as an ideology). Which since the eighties of the last century has. Led to a certain organization of the economic system. At the macroeconomic level. The characteristics of territories have an influence on the efficiency. Profitability and organization of economic or business activities. And. conversely. economic activities also end up determining the organization of territories. All in all. this is a growth with contrasts between the center and the periphery. Prat-56 Evolution of the Prat Airport area 1956-2017. Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia Evolution of the Prat Airport area 1956-2017.

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