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Basically, it represents how many people watch the content until it ends. If you intend to pass a message to users, then this is an important metric to track.

Furthermore, there are two factors.

The attraction is another indicator that reveals the importance of the duration of the videos.

Many times, depending on the subject and the audience, it is necessary to invest in shorter or longer videos.

So is the convenience of the user .

To give you an idea of ​​the strength of mobility, more Chile Phone Number than half of the videos on YouTube are viewed through mobile devices.

And as you know, mobile internet is a valuable resource. In this way, the extension of the videos must adapt to the reality of your audience.

But how to find out about all this?

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By means of the collected data, obviously! The metric analysis will tell you what the best duration of your videos is.

However, remember: these factors are flexible and will vary according to each business.

What is the ideal video duration for each platform?

Now, I propose an exercise.

Put yourself in the user’s place and ask yourself the following question: “finally, how long do you want your videos to last?”.

Complicated answer, do you think? In the end, everything will depend on the degree of interest, moment, device, need and that’s where it goes.

Thus, there are many elements that influence the consumption decision.

Therefore, it is important to be clear that there is no tax rule on the size of videos on the internet.

In addition, it is also to adapt to the objectives and the business strategy .

According to HubSpot, videos under 90 seconds in length have a 57% retention rate, while those over 30 minutes have only 10%.

But, on the other hand, it may be more interesting for the business to retain only a small quota, as long as it is qualified.

A video class that explains how your product works may bring fewer views, but will generate more sales, for example.

The format is also important.

Explanatory, testimonial, demonstrative, fun. There are several options available. You can check some of them in this content .

In addition, it is necessary to be clear about the theme , which also influences the user’s permanence time.

However, there are various investigations that make the work of entrepreneurs easier, stipulating an average duration that brings the best results for each of the main tools available on the web.

Are we going to know these numbers?

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