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Which is better: a great text-only blog post or the same post enhanced with images and videos? You know the answer, and so do the search engines. Therefore, include strategic images and even videos in your blog posts as much as your budget allows .

The more you invest in your blog, the harder it is to keep all your content organized. You’ll assign pieces to various resources, create a content schedule, and much more. You need the right tool to make it all work.

Studio , for example, is a marketing management tool that combines the best of project management and collaboration in a content-centric platform.

Use a management system to keep everything in order

Our conclusion: blogging is far from dead!

In fact, blogs aren’t even showing any Turkey Phone Number signs of slowing down. They remain a vital strategy for businesses of all sizes , in all markets , for the many reasons we’ve discussed in this article.

Do you want to learn more about creating blogs with the most widely used content management system in the world? Dive deeper into this topic by downloading our WordPress Guide right now !

Sharephrases can include the long-tail

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phrase “why does my garden have brown spots” or “how to fix brown spots in my garden” , as this is how Google differentiates between people looking for content about dogs and users looking for content about dogs. want to access gardening content.

Other important keywords can include any of the top three or four causes of brown spots (note, we’re content writers, not gardening experts). Honestly, this can get pretty complex, but you don’t necessarily have to go that deep.

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