Two Tools to Optimize Monitoring: Piacular and Rssfwd

It is not necessarily easy to reconcile active monitoring, professional life and personal life. Luckily, there are plenty of tools to save you time! The key is to choose the right ones and not to scatter… Here are two sites that offer you high-performance services. To try ! Popacular The simplest services are often the best. They generally come from already existing and solidly established sites. The many derivatives of China B2B List or Youtube are there to prove it. Popacular is in this vein: it simply takes the most bookmarked links on Delicious in a minimalist design.

The Key Is to Choose the Right

The favorite storage giant is a good indicator of quality: if several thousand people have liked a link, chances are it will be interesting, right? It’s up to you to choose the temporality of this top: hour, day, week… And to visit what seems worthy of interest to you. The lists seem to hold the rope. If we look at the China B2B List bookmarked linksSince the creation of Delicious, the classics have been present: YouTube, FlickR, Facebook… To visit without moderation! popacular The Popacular Via Pleebi website RSSFWD No doubt, the best weapon to keep informed of the news of your favorite sites and blogs remains the use of an RSS aggregator .

The Lists Seem to Hold

China B2B List
China B2B List

However, many do not use this tool for various reasons: fear of the unknown, time-consuming aspect… RSSFWD is aimed at this audience. It couldn’t be easier to use: enter the China B2B List of a site, your email, and you will receive the latest published articles in your mailbox. You can adjust the sending intervals. Practice !Make your personalized male or female avatar in 3D. avatarportrait.JPGFlashface : This site allows you to create your robot portrait. You will be able to take yourself for a cop by reconstructing your portrait or that of your friends. avatartek.JPGTektek: Create all kinds of avatars, women, men, blondes, brunettes, but also zombies, centaurs, aliens… Have fun! avatarunique.JPGUnique by rasterboy : Customize your avatar from head to toe, including accessories. avatarclay.JPGClayyourself : Modeling clay-style avatars, quick to make with nice little noises.

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