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Here is already the 6th toolbox. You will find a selection of useful services gleaned from my RSS aggregator. They already have some equivalents, so I didn’t consider it useful to make a dedicated post for each of them. However, I think they will be of interest to many. This week, you Greece B2B List that offers you special characters for Twitter , a derivative of FlickR , a customizable video for the Oscars or a thumbnail generator . Good discovery ! twitterkeysTwitterkeys : this service published by The next web offers you many special characters to insert on Twitter.

You Will Find a Selection of Useful Services

A copy/paste will be enough for you to place them in your messages. Not often useful, but always nice. pageboss Pageboss : 25,000° service of its kind, pageboys still managed to get people talking. It must be said that it is a little better presented than its competitors. It proposes to aggregate o Greece B2B List information collected online on a site/blog: age of the domain name, pagerank, number of backlinks, referenced pages… If you missed the others, you can always test this one. perceiveApercite : this site offers you to generate thumbnails in one click. This kind of service is always convenient. Many other such services exist, it’s up to you to see which one you prefer. For me, the best solution remains Capturino , a software that allows you to easily adjust your screen copies yourself. alarmedAlarmd : this site offers you an online alarm clock.

To Get People Talking

Greece B2B List
Greece B2B List

Always handy when your old radio doesn’t work anymore… You can set the time and the day, but also what you’ll be woken up by: a musical style, a Youtube clip… All that remains is to hope that your connection hasn’t not a problem… And remember not to turn off the computer. biggest Greece B2B List event : to celebrate the Oscars, the official site offers you a video to customize. You will then become the fashionable actor as long as everyone is snapping up. Just change the word at the end of the URL to see that name popping up all over the video. And don’t forget, save the rabbits. coolflickCool Flick : This site allows you to view the results of your FlickR searches using Cool Iris technology. Visualization is therefore much more pleasant. One more derivative of the most famous photo hosts.

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