Twitter and Msn Viruses: Watch Out for Links!

It was to be expected, Twitter is affected by its first virus . In the age of conversation, malware and other malicious programs evolve and adapt to new practices. In practice, this is in the form of a link sent in direct message . The link is accompanied by a catchphrase in English such as: “fixed it.. hehe Nicaragua B2B List that blog i wanted to show you” or “hey look at this funny blog”. It is of the phishing type , you will arrive on a page inviting you to log in. I don’t fully know its effects, but obviously it then takes care of sending the same message to your contacts. Be careful what you click! And speaking of viruses, MSN still has so many problems with it.

This Is in the Form of a Link Sent

After Imagecroco and Imagequick not so long ago, other malicious Nicaragua B2B List are actively running at the moment. This verse takes advantage of the New Year to try to make you believe that one of your contacts is sending you photos of his New Year’s Eve. . Those who work and those who don’t. Vacationers are starting to take precedence over those who are stuck in the office. For those who are lucky enough to have free time, the Internet is a dream pastime.

Other Malicious Links Are Actively

Nicaragua B2B List
Nicaragua B2B List

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