Trends Year 2018 Into the Marketing (the Guide Expert)

The success of marketing campaigns in 2018 will be defined. By the authenticity of communication, empathy, the influence of micro-communities. But Personalization at Hong Kong WhatsApp Number any level and the creation of experiences. Brands that will be actively involved in communities. That will create a framework for collaboration with the people they serve, will receive attention, trust and, implicitly, financial reward from customers . Content Most likely, your marketing team is already using technology resources in its business.

About the White Paper

But what marketers need to do is broaden their horizons and understand the important role they play in a business. The year 2018 in marketing is about technology, millennials and about choices appropriate to the needs of the business. AI-megatrend-tablets Digital marketing is a dynamic field where change is the leitmotif. Change means adapting to the needs and requirements of the market, but also streamlining the way we choose to respond to them. The development of technology and the fact that it is increasingly accessible in terms of learning and costs.

Why Consumer Experience (Cx) Is Important

Hong Kong WhatsApp Number
Hong Kong WhatsApp Number

Then Have led to its spread among marketers and consumers. If 2017 was about expanding the way consumers use smartphones and flirting with VR, AR and 3D printing, 2018 will see how they intersect and how they will boost marketing. This year, the trends that have already appeared. In the last two years will continue and will intensify: we will have more video content, more personalization, more storytelling. More AI and VR, more Big Data. We are dealing with consumers equipped with smartphones and smart gadgets, connected to the Internet, but with less and less free time available.

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