Trends Into the Retail 2021: Summary Retailarena 2021

On October 27th and 28th, I participated as a research partner at retailArena 2021.  A Game of The Future , where I presented for the first time. Live data from Afghanistan WhatsApp Number the first real-time market study in Romania. Consumer Trends.Live We wanted to explore, together with the discussion partners. The main retail trends in 2021. So that each of the players in this sector can base their business strategy on relevant data. Directly from the source. On the first day of the event.

Who Is the Ethical Consumer?

Then We defined the ethical consumer in terms of demographics and behavior. On the second day of the event, we discussed the evolution of consumption in the pandemic year. We presented .Live data on market shares, budgets spent, acquisition frequency and share of acquisition channels for six industries monitored within the Consumer Trends.Live platform Below are the main results discussed at retailArena 2021. Corina Cimpoca retail arena 2021 live market study Who is the ethical consumer? .Live data confirms new consumption trends in the pandemic year 2021, which are very likely to continue in the post-COVID-19 era. And one such example is ethical consumption .

What Is the Behavioral Profile

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Afghanistan WhatsApp Number

But Consumer Trends.Live results show that such a consumer: comes from the urban environment has a higher education has average income The tendency to migrate to ethical consumption is more pronounced with age. What is the behavioral profile of the ethical consumer? Usually, the ethical consumer is also pragmatic . He plans his purchases and tries to follow his plan when shopping, as he equals efficiency with a good shopping session. The ethical consumer is also ECO . .Live data confirms that it knowingly chooses the products that are least harmful to the environment, while completely avoiding those that are harmful.

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