Tools Does Your Team Use To Morocco Phone Number

And the monitoring of projects because all the people who are

part of my team have different projects and I like to be aware

of the activities and developments of each one to review their strategies, see what we can contribute as

a team, see what I can contribute individually and Be aware of

the development of my team. Although I am not the leader in each of these projects, I do like being part of the development.

I see that the optimization of guidelines is closely linked to your professional profile, so you must have many tricks up your sleeve. What does it take to do a pattern optimization well?

Well, you have to see what types of words

are being used, what hashtags are trending, what kind of

people are they targeting and under what format they Morocco Phone Number want to publish it. Basically it is to answer what we are covering, why we are covering it and how we are covering it, in addition to the “what for”. If the purpose is to generate branding , then it has to have an advertising hashtag that evokes the brand; if the purpose is to generate a leading , it will not necessarily carry a hashtag but rather an invitation to the advertising page.

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The format is also important because for each advertising target you have to see which format interests you the most, whether it is a video, a photograph, an advertising article or a post.

Now all this was with trial and error over the years

I use SocialBro and Tweetdeck to check the trending part. For the leading part we are reviewing our CRM every day to see how much the number of leads has grown or decreased, and for the content response part now we are going to do a lot of analytics.

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