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This myth has repeat so many times. It is often taken as fact by mere repetition. It’s likely derive Bulgaria Mobile Number from studies that report that 56% of consumers start their shopping journey on amazon. The problem is that this number. Is Bulgaria Mobile Number misinterpreted because 55% of all retail searches happen on amazon. Which is not true. The bottom line is that survey data, while extremely valuable. May not always tell you the whole story. Often the decisions we make are formed Bulgaria Mobile Number by unconscious. Biases or are highly generalized, so we cannot talk about our actions with 100% accuracy.

The Results Bulgaria Mobile Number

Think about this: if you’ve already started your product search on amazon. Does that mean you’ll always Bulgaria Mobile Number turn to amazon to start your search for each product. Or that you don’t search after amazon at all? We conceptually know that’s not true. So the researchers used behavioral data to answer that question. Reality the reality Bulgaria Mobile Number is that we only turn to amazon for certain types of searches. Primarily lower-funnel ones. But these are only a small fraction of the overall universe of retail searches. A far cry from the 55 percent that is often quote.

Compared to Amazon Bulgaria Mobile Number

Bulgaria Mobile Number
Bulgaria Mobile Number

For example, think of queries such as ” best brand of wedding china. How to cure a migraine ” or ” what is Bulgaria Mobile Number better for you propolis or bee pollen”. Would your natural instinct for these queries be to turn to a search engine or to amazon. More than likely, your answer would be the first. Because right now the second really Bulgaria Mobile Number designed to answer those questions. Concrete example: search, on the other hand, is use for queries that span the entire range of the funnel. And this is where logic would dictate the majority of detail searches. Research agrees.

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