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Both Pfizer and Merck and. now. Shionogi & Co. begin a fight to see who will be the first to put their own pill against covid on the market. which. without a doubt. would have repercussions worldwide. being one of the great discoveries from. the history. If we add to this that some pharmaceutical companies have entered a new field of marketing their vaccines. as Sinovac did recently in the Copa América. it is an ideal scenario for next year in which the presence of covid is expected to -19. with most of the population vaccinated. is diminishing. Now read: They accuse a Mexican restaurant of an outbreak of Covid-19 ‘without control’; so he answered Chart of the day: The most common variants of Covid-19 in Latin America With the landing of companies on the internet.

Reviews have become a vital part for consumers to decide to buy a product or purchase a service. A bad review or criticism can be a blow to the image of a company. so there are those who seek to resolve it as soon as possible by having them removed as soon as possible. as is the case with Elon Musk and Tesla . however. there are who prefer to deal with the matter by legal means. Such is the case of Executive Roof Services. a roofing company in the United States. which seeks to sue a couple from Vancouver. Washington. for 112 thousand dollars (2 million 241 thousand 694.56 Mexican pesos at the time of writing this note) after receiving a one star review on Google.

The Case It Is About

Autumn Knepper and Adam Marsh. who wrote Latvia phone number reviews about the company after they had two separate phone calls with one of the company’s receptionists. as reported to the KGW8 media. Knepper said that when he called the Executive Roof Services office to ask how quickly they could fix a leak in his attic. the receptionist was dismissive of the customer. “She refused to give me any information.” Knepper recalled. “She said that she would have to get it from the owner. I asked to speak to the manager and she laughed at me. She told me that she was verbally abusing her and that she was the office manager. She hung up on me.”

Latvia phone number

A situation that Marsh relived with the exact same woman. Reviews. complaints and threats According to the information. the couple decided to share their reviews and file their complaint with the Better Business Bureau. since they never received a report on the work. Shortly after. Knepper told KGW8 that they were hooked up by company owner Michael Mecham. “He told me he knew where I lived. He said that he had a coroner and that he would gladly spend a hundred thousand dollars to sue me. ”she assured. Likewise. the woman indicated that shortly after she received a text message in which she was required to withdraw her review before “more damage is done”.

So Knepper Decided To

Call the police to stop the harassment. but that did not happen. . By the end of June. the couple received a lawsuit filed on behalf of Executive Roof Services. “Honestly. I cried right away.” Knepper told KGW8. “She was terrified. I can’t afford a lawyer. I can’t pay $112.000. And I can’t. I don’t want to file for bankruptcy.” David Bowser. an attorney representing the roofing company. Assured him that the lawsuit focused on Knepper and Marsh’s intent. Which he described as “improper” because they “intentionally harmed. ERS by posting one-star reviews with the purpose of obtaining. A report to which they were not entitled.” Additionally. according to Newsweek.

Executive Roof Services decided to file lawsuit papers to accuse them of defamation and intentional interference with business expectations. A bad review With businesses landing on the internet. reviews have become a vital part of consumers. Deciding to buy a product or purchase a service. according to Search Engine Journal . 91 percent of young consumers trust reviews. While that the likelihood of a product being purchased increases by 270 percent when it receives five reviews. Although this is a clear example of why companies are increasingly looking for more reviews. Especially positive ones. however. Having received a bad review will not be the end of the world.

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