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In Them You Will Find

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All organizations must protect from their information to that of their customers. We are all clear that no one will be able to protect information 100%. but it is necessary to take into account some basic concepts of Internet security. Computer Security Basics Informatic security Companies that handle a lot of data should have teams dedicated to protecting their online operations. but small and medium-sized businesses will have to figure out how to protect their information. The domain will make us safer So of course. if you have a .com domain it will be more secure than if you have.

Since The Latter Are More

At risk of having a security hole. according to the latest McAfee study. Stop thinking that if your company is small. it is not at risk of suffering a computer attack. Any institution can be at risk of information theft. For example. one of the most sensitive information to be stolen when a is hacked is to obtain payment information. Basic elements to protect our company Have a good firewall. It offers an additional and essential layer of protection for any company. It also works as a barrier that will repel attackers and motivate them to go after  more lax security measures. Be careful with email. The most common security flaws are generated here.

Attackers are capable of capturing information. stealing passwords. and searching for gateways. That’s why emails must have spam and phishing filters to prevent. Any employee of the organization from inadvertently handing over confidential information. Give training and example to the team. Remind the members of our company of the proper. Use of email and that this can become a lifesaver to avoid attacks. Mobile phones become fundamental tools for work and also as another point of access to sensitive information. Drive or Dropbox as storage tools are also places where highly confidential data can be stored. For this. good use policies will also reinforce security.

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