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It is a rather informative digital publication that is distributed via email with certain frequency (daily. weekly. monthly…). The recipients of this information are subscribers and these emails usually contain articles of interest about the brand or its sector. And for our newsletter to reach all our subscribers. or the vast majority. it is necessary to follow some guidelines and measure. Yes. the analysis of results is essential. carry out A/B tests. test at one time. at another. with certain words. with others… With the arrival of summer you can send one to your subscriber/client base informing about offers. promotions. a contest… e-mail marketing is essential. But it is advisable to keep a record (monthly. every 15 days…). Now. this frequency must be maintained as long as the content is relevant and of interest.

If not. you will end up losing subscribers and the image of your brand will be damaged. Let’s see some of the main characteristics that a newsletter must meet to achieve the expected objectives. Tips for creating an effective newsletter Try not to use words that trigger antispam filters. Avoid writing a large amount of text. and especially the “Subject” line. In the case of “Subject” do not write everything with capital letters either. Don’t include a lot of text in bright colors. Striking color contrasts are analyzed in a special way by anti-spam filter systems. Do not add attachments. If you want recipients to be able to download a file. insert a download link in the body of the message.

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To everyone at some point. send test emails before India phone number to send the email to the entire list of subscribers. Also. check that it is received correctly in different e-mail providers. If you upload images do it to the server and take into account their weight. The total weight of the mail. it is recommended that it does not exceed 150-200 kb. Also. not everyone knows it but… the opening rate. in many cases. is higher in plain text emails. Because they are more readable for most email clients. Image size: maximum 600 pixels wide and to achieve better optimization on mobile devices. they should not exceed 450 pixels wide. The delivery time also influences.

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Make your shipments at a more or less normal time: from 6 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon. for example. Unsubscribe option. It is mandatory. by law. that in all shipments you allow recipients to unsubscribe from the newsletter. Tools to create a newsletter We are now using Mailrelay . but we have also used Mailchimp . MDirector is another option. The truth is that there are many companies that offer these services – with a free and premium version. Test and then decide which one is the best for you. Any questions or suggestions. please. do not hesitate to write us a message in the comments or by email.
This week a great controversy was generated around the promotional poster of San Froilán 2016 .

Criticisms About The Choice

Of the jury were very numerous and negative. Let’s see some examples of the comments made by Internet users upon learning of the jury’s decision. Criticisms made on social networks about the San Froilán 2016 poster We will not assess whether they are correct or not. we simply want to mention the main characteristics that an advertising poster must meet and know your opinion. Tips for designing a good advertising poster The poster is one of the main tools to impact and capture the attention of the public. But to achieve this. it must meet a series of parameters: A good advertising poster must inform by captivating and surprising .

Is it possible that the case we are talking about is an attempted viral campaign? Adapt the content to the target to which it is direct . It seeks to promote digital skills in applications for social networks and basic graphic design applied to my business. Finally. on May 30. we will end this second phase of the Digital Factory with a Viral Marketing Workshop . Digital Factory The Dixital Factory is a free action develop in the Concello. De Ribadeo to train people who sign up and which lasts 4 hours. What is intend is to promote digital skills in useful.

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