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The blogosphere is moving a lot these days. The end of the year seems to inspire everyone, unless this last blow of fluff is a way of relieving oneself of guilt for the generally less active period of the Christmas holidays… Anyway, many posts retained my watch out these days. Well worth a formatting Suriname B2B List, as text rather than links. Internal affairs As at the beginning of each month, it is Wikio and its ranking that are the most talked about. Fred wonders about the real influence of blogs. Conclusion without appeal: being in the top 10 Wikio will not even allow you to buy cigarettes on credit (dixit Aziz ).

The End of the Year Seems

Meanwhile, Cathy Nivez and Pierre Chappaz announce the appearance of a new ELLE / Wikio ranking. Many cry scandal and a retrograde vision of women (some with a lot of humor like Thierry ). Personally, I see it more as a way to make Wikio’s work profitable with bloggers and to publicize its Suriname B2B List even if the categories are indeed very “girly”. Only one thing bothers me:absence of a Women at Work category , obviously due to a lack of blogs. I am currently preparing a non-exhaustive list, you never know. Another event of recent days, the opening of Aaaliens , a quality collective monitoring site run by quality bloggers. Long live them. Tools and services Attention, excluded: it’s almost Christmas!

Being in the Top 10 Wikihow

Suriname B2B List
Suriname B2B List

For the occasion, Jean-Marie offers you a set of social icons of circumstances. Benjamin adds 21 really cool twitter logos to the list. Want to monitor your blog? Freetux offers a free and Suriname B2B List complete opensource service: Woozweb . Ludovic informs us of a virus present in fake greeting cards . All occasions are good for spammers.Touchcream credits us with a point-based Christmas game: perform certain actions to increase your chances of winning an iPod Shuffle or an eeePC . eeePC again to celebrate one year of the Beeware blog. It is about original photos of your customized laptop thanks to their sticker . Finally, Stagueve offers an X-box 360to one of the people who will have relayed his competition. Ah yes, we must also publish this image

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