Tickets of the Week

New edition of Tickets of the week , the 39th of the name. Here you will find a selection of tickets that I have enjoyed over the past few days. Straight out of my RSS feed, they will allow you to (re)discover the news of the net in recent days. You will thus discover practical tools and services, significant events on the blogosphere and the web and lighter videos/information. The selection is rich, I hope you will Estonia B2B List you are looking for. Good reading. Tools and services Flow of passion – real bookmarking: halfway between humor and real usefulness, these IRL bookmarks have the merit of bringing you back to earth.

Significant Events on the Blogosphere

Tools in web 2 – Youtube novelty – notes and titles on video embeds : you have probably noticed that there are still changes on the side of Youtube and its player. What do you Estonia B2B List new version? Marie’s blog – Exchanges of services of services 2.0 + invitations: well thought out the latest service from the people of Proboks . A modern way of conceiving home service. Fredzone – Lolify, to release the young person who is in you: do you have trouble making yourself understood by young people? This SMS language translator to help you! The concept is close to Kikoolol , to see also. Be geek – WebReader: Vocalization of sites and blogs: make your blog speak, it’s possible! Maybe a future tool to listen to your favorite blogs on the go? Ilonet – Aviary: A Photoshop-like,

You Have Probably Noticed

Estonia B2B List
Estonia B2B List

Flash version : because you always have to keep such a service handy. Web & Blogosphere Vendeesign – Already 5 years for Facebook! : it’s the birthday of the week. In the meantime, they still haven’t found the solution to make it profitable… And personally I still pay very little. Captain web – Estonia B2B List  g: visits versus popularity : yes, the two are not related. Like what, popularity and success of esteem are not necessarily linked. Well well well – How much does it cost: top 5 economic models on the web. Well seen, as usual. Christophe Blaquez – Professional digital identity and recruitment interview: a video interview with Christophe on a topic currently in vogue.

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