Those Events Had A Major

With the victory of the conservative faction of Li Peng . a supporter of the crackdown on protesters. Eventually. however. Deng Xiaoping was able to reverse the situation. and economic reforms resumed a few years later. Jiang Zemin . the mayor of Shanghai . who had been able to negotiate with protesters and security forces to avoid violence. was rewarded. leading the party as Deng Xiaoping ‘s successor . who was already 85 years old. Thus. economic reforms in China continued at an ever-increasing pace. while the events in Tiananmen were outlawed from historical memory.

There are those who wonder if it makes sense to develop a new degree when. like other more humanistic disciplines. history sees its social prestige and its presence in public space questioned. harassed by the pragmatism of applicability and a increasingly economist view of training. And yet the answer is yes. Some reasons to propose (and study) a new Master’s Degree in Contemporary World History . First of all. we need to realize as citizens the fallacy that lies behind approaches that banish disciplines that precisely facilitate critical thinking and dialogue with tradition. Nothing better exemplifies this than realizing how. while reducing the supply and demand of generic education.

The Dedication To The Humanities

By the elite centers and the ruling classes intensifies Saudi Arabia phone number their formative stage and beyond. . This paradox is very revealing about the falsity of its supposed uselessness . The dedication to the humanities by the elite centers and the ruling classes intensifies during their formative stage and beyond. In the case of History . in addition to the knowledge. basic to understand the origins of today’s world and to provide us with the basic interpretive coordinates. it provides us with a series of methodological tools and. above all. a method for thinking historically and thus understanding the processes that characterize human experience. Paraphrasing the Valencian historian Pedro Ruiz Torres .

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Good history is precisely that which encourages critical thinking . breaking with social conformity and given formulas. building one’s own clear vision of clich├ęs and formulating interpretations of the past that are useful to face. the immediate questions of present and future. In the Anglo-Saxon world. there are already several voices warning against this segregation that accentuates inequalities. In the words of British historian and disseminator Kate Williams we need more history. not less . Because. contrary to what some say. thinking historically remains relevant. relevant. and decisive . Aveedibya Dey (Unsplash) Secondly. without underestimating the economic aspect and without reducing it to immediate applicability.

It Is Necessary To Understand

The social return in a broader way that covers the complementarity of competence with other areas and areas of knowledge – journalism in economics. through political science or communication. to the generation of content for the growing multiplicity of platforms. Never before has so much history been consumed : from television series to cultural media of all kinds. to popular magazines and podcasts. or to historical novels and comics. Never before has so much history been consume History in HD. To enrich its perspective. and to bring us closer to border territories and current problems. History does not give us recipes. nor does it allow us to guess the future. nor does it prevent us from making certain mistakes.

However. without the proper coordinates and without knowing the previous processes. It is clear that we are at a disadvantage when it comes to understanding the present. And imagining possible scenarios for the immediate future. On the one hand. Because there are dynamics that transcend the. On the other hand. because historical methodology allows us to access a type of thinking where analogy. Critique and mobilized skills give us an advantage both in understanding. And explaining the past and in facilitating foresight with respect. The next day. With this field in mind.

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