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With less cultural prestige . In this challenge in the field of arts and humanities. there is a double goal. It is not just a question of places occupied by men providing space for the female gender (regardless of their cultural origin and economic position). it is also a matter of recognizing those spaces where women are and have been protagonists . Well. precisely because they are. they are possibly considered lands with less social recognition. – After focusing on the challenges for gender equality in the arts and humanities. we invite you to meet 3 leading women in our studies.

Are you looking for a list of contemporary history books? We asked Jaume Claret. historian and professor of the UOC’s Arts and Humanities Department . what books he would recommend on contemporary history . A question that wants to answer those people who would like to enter this historical field from an academic and literary point of view. We hope you enjoy the selection of readings. Below is a list of contemporary history books along with an explanation of their contents. By Jaume Claret. historian and professor of Arts and Humanities at the UOC Making lists always has a discretionary and conjunctural component.

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To understand them as a starting point that must Belarus phone numbers be nuanced by the interests. knowledge. concerns. affiliations and phobias of the reader. The titles that follow — and without the order venturing any preference or gradation — are just ten of an incredibly rich universe. If you asked me tomorrow. the list of contemporary history books would have changed. 10 books to get into the world of Contemporary History 1 – Jürgen Osterhammel. The Transformation of the World. A Global History of the Nineteenth Century | Review. 2015 contemporary history books Everyone dreams of writing a book of total history that is both readable and all-encompassing about our current world.

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There is a long list of illustrious names who have offered their vision (from Eric J. Hobsbawm to Josep Fontana to CA Bayly among others). The German Osterhammel is one of the last. and although the subtitle speaks of the nineteenth century. its pages constantly go beyond this parenthesis and tell us the roots and consequences of modernity . 2 – Tony Judt. A History of Europe since 1945 | Taurus. 2012 contemporary history books Focusing on the post-World War II period. Judt writes a thesis book. a defense of multilateralism and social democracy. with a great capacity for evocation and seduction . Often underappreciated by his colleagues.

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Lineage of historians with real impact and popular influence. More critically. Neil Faulkner ‘s A Radical History of the World is also noteworthy . 3 – Jonathan Spence. In Search of Modern China | Tusquets. 2011 contemporary history booksEurocentrism – in its various concretions – is still a difficult legacy to overcome – this same list is a testament to this – but it will not be for lack of work and research that open its eyes to other cultures and other approaches. Undoubtedly. China is one of the main focuses. and the number of books available (such as Frank Dikötter or Philip Short) is expanding year after year. However. to begin with. it may be best to do this with a class c. 4 – Eduardo Galeano.

Las venas abiertas de América Latina | 21st Century. 2003 contemporary history booksContinuing with other territories outside the West. Latin America has always been so close to us and so far away. This work by the Uruguayan writer is not strictly a historical research. But it allows us to show that also from literature it is possible to. Contribute knowledge and enrich our analysis of the contemporary era . More academic are the approaches of Leslie Bethell in charge of the Cambridge Encyclopedia on those territories or more specialized works such as those of John Lynch or John Elliott . 5 – Peter Frankopan. The Heart of the World. A New Universal History | Review. 2016 contemporary history books Here we have a different view that escapes both Eurocentrism and the new fascination with China.

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