This Stage Aims To Expand

If you are at this stage. Make sure you promote it correctly on social media since they represent a very low cost and more. Effective compared to other media thanks to their possibility of segmentation. Growth – Having gone through the previous stage is when our product is positioned in this stage where the increase in sales is notorious thanks to the strategies applied in the introduction. At this stage is when we face our competition. so we must continue developing strategies that allow our product to differentiate it from the rest and position the brand.

It is vitally important to continue promoting this product and gradually adapting it for its continuous growth . An example of this is when an application is launched and updates are created to improve it and distinguish it with new features. Maturity – When a product is in this stage. It means that it is in a moment of stability. It is expected that this stage will be the longest and also the one that represents a greater degree of difficulty to place this because the competitors are in the same way present. Where despite the level of sales. Prices are seen in a slight decline. The main thing at this stage is to design the necessary strategies to achieve brand loyalty .

As Well As New Us

For the product and extend its life cycle. Decline – This is the stage prior to the disappearance of the product . Where sales decline markedly as well as those of the competition. Resulting in less demand for the product . Here prices rise again and increase if demand rises again. One of the main factors may be the appearance of new products at lower prices or that have technological advances greater than ours. The important thing here is to continue with the strategies to gain consumer loyalty and define whether to continue renewing or to disappear the product. Disappearance – This is the final stage of the life cycle of a product. When the decision has already been made to disappear it.

Mainly due to its poor performance in the market. From here can start the opportunity to integrate new products in the market. The importance of marketing in our product Media Source informs through its website that the. Life cycle of a product can vary depending on its acceptance in the market. The response of consumers and its competitiveness. We can find different and varied examples of the life cycle of products. But today we will talk a little about the effectiveness of Apple ‘s marketing strategies in its products. Manzana Image: Bigstock According to Statista .

Apple Is The Second Company

with the highest brand value. Representing 352.21 billion dollars. An iPhone goes on sale approximately every year. Despite the fact that it may seem to many people that it is exactly the same as the previous one. If it has new functions and features that make it different. But if you are not a faithful follower of technology. It is most likely you will not notice any difference. However. Consumers usually do not renew it every year for its new features. but for its brand value . Since as we mentioned at the beginning. Purchases can be affected by different factors. which in this case are included the 4 different. Ipadizate shows an article where it explains that the iPhone has achieved such a high status in the consumer that.

Despite the fact that it is a Smartphone very similar to any other that we can find today of the Samsung brand. With a touch screen. camera . speaker. internet connection. Voice commands. among other features. this has made people not identify it as a smartphone. but as an iPhone. Nowadays having an iPhone can represent a symbol of status . class . Elegance and even. in some cases. power .. This represents the level of importance of the life cycle of a product. Since if the appropriate marketing strategies had not been carried out .

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