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With the biggest e-commerce days of the year fast approaching. It’s not too late to take advantage of France Mobile Number some of google’s newest ways to help you sell more products online. Attract users earlier in the buying process with window ads for consumers. Who are further down the path to an online purchase, google is good for finding the best price and France Mobile Number doing more in-depth research. But it’s generally not the best place to help consumers make choices. Earlier in their decision-making process. But with showcase shopping ads, google provides a better discovery process for these shoppers. This ad format was introduced in limited beta in 2016 and is now available to all retailers.

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The idea behind it is that it allows advertisers to use. A mix of images and lifestyle products to showcase its France Mobile Number brand for generic e-commerce searches where ads for specific products would not be relevant. Showcase shopping ads allow retailers to promote their brand. To users who are earlier in their decision-making process. Showcase France Mobile Number shopping ads are a cost-per-engagement format. Which means cpc is charged when a user expands the. Ad and spends 10 seconds in it or clicks on a product or link. Autobidding doesn’t work with these ads yet. So you’ll need to monitor their performance closely.

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France Mobile Number
France Mobile Number

These ads can be configured programmatically. Via the api or by creating a new showcase shopping France Mobile Number ad group via the new adwords interface. As this is one of the new features of adwords. It can only be configured through the new interface (or using the latest version of adwords editor). Consumers care a lot about getting the France Mobile Number lowest price. So when all other factors are the same. They tend to click shopping ads with lower prices more. Google cares about this too. Because they make more money when there are more clicks.

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