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Gone are the days when email was the only way to communicate online. Sending electronic letters in the traditional way is gradually being replaced by instant personal messaging and posting on social media. Remember when  people complained about the lack of personal touch and intimacy in emails instead of traditional handwritten letters? Well, as ironic as it may sound, email seems to be the most personal and intimate form of online communication today.  Despite widespread rumors that email marketing has died like the dodo, it’s

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In fact, 73% of professional marketers admit that email remains critical to their business and helps build effective conversion funnels. That said, turning a blind eye to email is just wasting a good opportunity to boost your business. When you’re doing email marketing, it’s important to Sri-Lanka Phone Number List  understand that the whole idea isn’t to stuff your email list with as many offers as you could possibly come up with. Ideally, the goal of email marketing is to . Keep in touch with people who might be In you, remind them every now and then that you’re still there, and keep your audience informed…while not forgetting to make a convincing call – of course, Action buttons lead to your website.

Leveraging Psychology  Increase Sales


In fact, 80% of retailers believe email marketing remains the most effective strategy for customer retention. To be clear, social media lags behind by 36%. Additionally, email remains the preferred communication channel for 86% of businesses in the B2B segment . These statistics show that not only is email marketing alive and well, but it actually surpasses the almighty social media in terms of effectiveness and popularity!Although this step may seem a bit . Overly theoretical at first glance, it is highly recommended that you take some time to think about your marketing goals. Based on your goals, you will plan your further strategies – it’s that simple.   How will you measure your success? All of these questions can only be answered by identifying your goals.



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