The Weather of Your City in One Click: Going to Rain

Fad or real trend, the sites offering to answer the simple question posed in the URL are multiplying. Generally, there are only two possible answers: yes and no . Why make it complicated when it can be simple ? Among the most famous, the Twitter monitoring tool, born of the many periods of non-availability of the site: (which no longer exists). For a more general approach, there is also  Peru B2B List lets you know if a site is down.

The Simple Question Posed

The latest in this vein of ultra-easy-to-use sites , Goingtorainlets you know if it is raining in your city. You never know, it can be useful for people who don’t have a window? In any case, the Peru B2B List the question of cyberaddiction: leaving home can sometimes be useful The site offers 4 types of possible answers: yes, no, maybe and an error message. A small supplement on the local weather is also present. Goingtorain determines your location by itself, you can change it if it is not correct. This is what is showing for me: Need help managing your time ? Bubbletimer, presented by Olivier, can help you.

This Vein of Ultra-easy-to-use Sites

Peru B2B List
Peru B2B List

The useless service therefore essentialof the week comes from Peru B2B List. It allows you to see how a person wrote an email (including corrections and deleted pieces). On the avatars side, Skaaz, it’s over… If you have large files to send, Christophe has a ready-made solution. Finally, will you be back to a bit of Christmas ? Thebloom offers you a collection of wallpapers on this theme. Gifts galore Bloggers are generous at this time of year. Many of them offer you gifts on their respective blogs. Grafitee offers 5 t-shirts to those who comment on his post. Vagueo has 700 euros in prizes to be distributed, to try your luck you must subscribe to the newsletter. Others have understood how the famous Wikio ranking works.

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