The Study the Impact Epidemic of Covid-19 on Environment of Business

The study on the Impact of the COVID-19 Epidemic. On the Romanian Business Environment illustrates the situation of private organizations in our Bahrain WhatsApp Number country. 91% of companies feel affected by the Coronavirus epidemic, with an average total impact of -10.2% by 2020. The figures are in line with the forecast. Eestimated by the European Commission. Which warns of a decrease of -7.5%. 95% of companies took steps to survive the crisis caused by COVID-19. And 90% took them immediately after the start of the emergency. Historical and projected evolution are significantly correlated.

The Impact of the Coronavirus

Thus, if a company was declining in 2020yoy2019, the estimated evolution for this year will, in turn, be negative. Representatives of the business community are rather skeptical about the management of the COVID-19 crisis by state institutions. The confidence level is low, only 2.7 points out of 7. Authorities need to prove to the business community that they can handle the current crisis. Instead, the representatives of the organizations will become more confident in the evolution of their own organizations, after the pandemic period.

Romanian Business Environment

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Bahrain WhatsApp Number

But The companies want a strategic approach from the state, from which they expect to guarantee for the private sector, on the one hand by tax exemption and on the other, by investment support. Then MKOR Consulting continues its series of studies in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, through which we aim to show the current market situation. Through this, we want to provide tools available to customers, academia and anyone interested in being aware of how the new virus is affecting our lives.

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