The Study the Impact Epidemic of Coronavirus on Life Romania 2020

Sociological perspective on the study From our analyzes. Social distancing is understood. Respected and strongly encouraged by Romanians. However, people are aware of the impact on interpersonal relationships. And the radical change in routine leads. To a state of confusion and Bulgaria WhatsApp Number shock for them. The longing for children left behind by grandparents. The inability to visit family members, friends or partners is painful. To get through this period as quickly as possible and with as little damage as possible.

The Limitation of the Possibility

Then Awareness of the coming crisis causes individuals. To question financial stability and give up the little treats. The salon, city breaks or vacations). The importance of the present currently occupies the first place in the list of priorities, the time spent. While women tend to place more emphasis on the importance of interpersonal relationships and call for solidarity and faith, men enunciate a negative political and economic outlook, focusing on the certainty of a dark future with many gaps.

Personal Values

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Bulgaria WhatsApp Number

They are also more adept at conspiracy theories about the outbreak and the predicted economic crisis. When it comes to the attitude of the authorities towards this extraordinary situation, at the time of applying the questionnaire, most respondents were of the opinion that the rules could be more drastic in order to be as effective as possible. Then Fines for those who break the rules should be harsher and the recommendations of the authorities more authoritative.

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