The Study Preference for Products Romanian into the Retail Arena

Following the presentation of the results of the study by Corina Cimpoca. Founder of MKOR Consulting, Petre Daea (Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development). Liviu Ungureanu ( Dacia Plant ), Alexandru Rusu ( Doraly ), Valer Hancas ( Kaufland ). Adina Craciunescu will Czech Republic WhatsApp Number debate at the same table ( Diana Supermarket ), Catalin Samara ( Carrefour ), Cornel Caramizaru ( Friesland Campina ) and Mihai Bonca ( Brand Architects ). The topic of the debate will be to identify.

Why a Study on Romanian Products?

But The challenges of retailers in a market dominated by imports. What are the strategies and tactics to be as present as possible on supermarket shelves . In this context, Corina will present exclusively the results of the study on consumer preference for Romanian products. Why a study on Romanian Products? The Preference for Romanian Products study comes in the context of the Centenary year , an opportunity for Romanian entrepreneurs to reflect on the changes of the last 100 years. Although the Centenary means, first of all, the celebration of an act of political and social perfection.

What Can You Learn From the Study Presentation?

Czech Republic WhatsApp Number
Czech Republic WhatsApp Number

This is a good opportunity for each of us, regardless of personal and professional aspirations, to evaluate ourselves, to look back, but especially to the future. In 100 years, the lifestyle of Romanians has changed, which is natural. Every day, each of us redefined, through the choices we made, what it means to live in Romanian . So, we set out to find out if Romanians have a preference for Romanian products when they go shopping, what are the most beloved Romanian brands and what are the criteria they have in mind when they are in front of the shelf.

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