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The year 2018 is the centenary of the Great Union, an act of political and social perfection. For 100 years, Romanians have lived together and built together through work and innovation. The Preference for Romanian Products study comes in the Cyprus WhatsApp Number context of the Centenary year, an opportunity for Romanian entrepreneurs to reflect on the changes of the last 100 years. So, we set out to find out if Romanians have a preference for Romanian products when shopping.

What Will You Find Out From

What are the most beloved Romanian brands and what are the criteria that consumers consider when choosing a product from the shelf. Will you find out from the Preference for Romanian Products Study? Because not all categories of products manufactured in Romania could be included in a single study , we stopped at the most accessible, used by all Romanians – consumer products: food, personal care and cleaning items. And the respondents responded with the same enthusiasm to our approach, providing details about their consumption habits and preferences .

Results of the Study

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Cyprus WhatsApp Number

Then That’s how I got the answers to my questions: How much do Romanians pay for consumer products, how often do they go shopping and where? What types of products go into the shopping cart of Romanians and in what proportions? How do I choose the products , in general, and the Romanian ones, in particular? How many Romanian products are in the shopping cart ? What kind of Romanian products do consumers prefer? What are the Romanian brands known and preferred by consumers? Why do Romanians choose Romanian products? Is there a willingness to pay more for products made in Romania.

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