The Study Digital Fashion Consumer Trends 2019

Discover the latest trends in the digital fashion. Market and see what are the factors that will influence. The future of the Romanian fashion industry. From the Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number latest market research conducted by the MKOR Consulting team of experts. In the last two years, MKOR Consulting has conducted a series of research aimed at the fashion market, being among the first in Romania to do so. Thus, the fashion industry has become our main area of ​​expertise . The first edition of the Digital Fashion Consumer Trends.

The Fashion Consumer of the Future

Research was launched in 2018. This year’s study compares data and figures with those of the previous edition, thus becoming a good tool for tracking annual developments . The research launched in 2019 preserves most of the indicators, including innovation (What does the store look like in the future from the perspective of consumers?) And brings elements of novelty, for the first time in Romania: Brand of Excellence – awarded to brands that innovate and offer digital experiences to consumers. The fashion consumer of the future.

Objectives of the Study

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Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number

Online in general and ecommerce in particular have a strong influence on the clothing and footwear industry. Until a few years ago, the fashion industry was defined by manufacturers, retailers and designers. But Today, the Internet gives consumers bargaining power in relation to their favorite brands. Then Starting from this aspect, MKOR consultants decided to research. The connection between online and offline in terms of fashion and. How new digital technologies influence the shopping experience of consumers in Romania.

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