The Social Networks, We Nigeria Phone Number

Not because one has more range or penetration, you can leave the other. Here the university has that vision: we work as a team, both traditional and digital, every day. We are very hand in hand creating comprehensive strategies.

[That said, digital marketing has the advantage] that it has a much lower cost, it has more reach, you can carry different messages and above all, what I consider to be the great advantage of digital [marketing] is that if you set your mind to you can be 100% assertive in your message.

As for your profile, when we investigated a little about your professional career we saw that you have a lot of knowledge about social networks, how has this experience helped you, in particular, to contribute more to the digital marketing strategy of the UAG?

Well, I think it helps me a lot in the

content development part for the website as well as in

the development of advertising content, because you

know exactly what reactions you can trigger with Nigeria Phone Number certain types of words, certain types of wording. You cannot always write the same on all social networks, it is something that we are aware of. You have to adapt to the medium you are using.

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Earlier, you mentioned that you need to create quality content to reach your audience. As you know, our subscribers are very interested precisely in the Content Marketing part, and I would like to ask you how this form of Digital Marketing fits into your strategy.

Well, here we have defined lines of content that

we have to highlight for the university, call it art and culture, sports, academia, research, etc. And we have to highlight them every day in each content, but we are aware that in a single post, in a single blog, in a single video we cannot highlight all the elements and be specific, because we would be ambitious.

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